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Keeping your kids hydrated

The human body is comprised of 2/3 water. Basically, a huge amount of what we’re made of is good old H2O, 66% is a huge number and as such it’s very important to stay hydrated. Our bones are made of 20% water and our brains are made of around 3/4 water. Essentially, we really, really need water. Without food, a human being can survive for quite a long time,... more

Your child’s heart health

Heart disease has recently been found to begin as early as childhood, particularly because of poor physical activity levels or an unbalanced diet. As such, current efforts focus heavily on getting kids to maintain a healthy weight and not fall into being overweight or even obese. Obesity can cause heart disease and even Type II diabetes. The Irish National... more

Getting active with kids

Each and every day, for great health, children need around 60 minutes of physical activity, while adults need around 30 minutes a day. Getting active with your kids is a fantastic way to get healthy, and encouraging them to go for a run, ride a bike, go for a walk, take up a sport, or just run around can help improve their (and your) fitness and health. Lead by... more

Healthy eating: the right way to start

Think of yourself as the gatekeeper to the refrigerator: you decide what goes in. Providing your children with a variety of healthy foods for them to choose from means options, and kids love options. Gather as a family when you can to enjoy healthy foods together and show your kids how eating right can taste good. Teach your kids that eating... more

Keeping your child active and healthy

In a world with convenience foods and video games, children are becoming more sedentary and adopting poor eating habits. In 2012, 300,000 (one in ten) Irish children aged 5-12 were reported to be obese. A recent national study of Ireland also startlingly found that 19% of three year olds are overweight. As obesity occurs when there is an imbalance between energy... more

Sprains and strain

Sprains and strains in the body as adults know them to be, are more uncommon among young children and toddler, however with a toddler being an active and fearlessly mobile child, injuries do happen. A sprain is a minor injury in a muscle, ligament or a tendon, and is usually caused through strenuous activity when the ligament, muscle or tendon is stretched too far... more

Bumps, falls and broken bones

It is very easy for a toddler to acquire all sorts of injuries in their day to day play. Bumps, falls and even sometimes, broken bones are all on the ailment menu for a busy little body. As kids play and explore, something as simple as trying to reach a picture on a wall could result in a child falling off the couch that they were standing on, and they could fall and... more

What is dyspraxia?

Dyspraxia, in a condensed definition, relates to problems associated with the thought processing, planning and performing sensory / motor tasks. There are children, who although taught in a motivational environment and generally possessing a normal level of intellect, experience trouble in moving and particular facets in the learning process. Recognising of... more

Dettol shows you unseen germs

Dettol shows you unseen germs

‘Dettol Shows You Unseen Germs’ exhibit at Pregnancy & Baby Fair to demonstrate the importance of hand washing to help reduce... more