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14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is growing at a steady, but fairly rapid rate; and looking more and more like a newborn. All of your baby’s body systems and vital organs are functioning. Your baby is also sensitive to light even though the eyelids are still sealed.

Amniotic fluid passes into and out of your baby’s lungs which is an important part of lung development. This rapid movement of fluid in and out of the lungs helps them to grow and mature. Until birth, however, your baby will continue to receive oxygen through the placenta.

First ultrasound

Your first ultrasound will usually be scheduled for around about now. This will allow your doctor to confirm you due date and check how many babies you are carrying. If you are expecting twins or more, your pregnancy will be monitored more closely than with a single pregnancy. As two babies (or more), places an increasing strain on your resources, you’ll probably be prescribed iron tablets and have a series of extra ultrasound scans at regular intervals.

Your rights during pregnancy

It is important for you as a woman to know your rights during pregnancy for the protection of your health and that of the child. If you are pregnant and working, your employers should be able to provide safety and protect your health while giving you paid time off to seek antenatal care.

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molly 23 notingam
I am 4 month pregnant the second trimester (13-16 weeks) of pregnancy has now started. At this time, the doctor appoints a planned ultrasound to examine the development of the fetus. On the ultrasonic screen, you’ll see the little thing moving. But its movements are barely noticeable so far, so you can’t feel them yet. By the end of the 12th week, your uterus will be the size of a man’s fist. And a month later it’ll increase in size and will be as big as a ripe melon. The placenta has developed in compliance with the necessities of the growing fetus for oxygen and nutrition. The umbilical cord is bigger and longer now so that your baby is comfortable in your belly.
20/07/2017 09:17:14

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