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13 Weeks Pregnant

At 13 weeks, your baby is still tiny, but fully formed, and will continue to grow in size for the rest of your pregnancy. Your placenta is also fully formed by now and passing oxygen and nutrients from your circulation to the baby.

It also removes waste products via the umbilical cord. The placenta also acts as a kind of barrier against harmful agents but, unfortunately, not against all of them, so you should still be careful about what you eat, drink and inhale.

Second trimester, here we come!

Week 13 is officially the last week of the first trimester and a little bit of a milestone. You may have told family and friends now that you're pregnant, and once the secret's out, you might be able to relax a little and begin to enjoy your pregnancy. Your partner might also begin to feel more part of the process now, buoyed up with everyone's good wishes. If you're a single mom-to-be, now will be a time for reaching out to friends and family for help and support. You might also be interested in following our single mom blog.

Best of bras!

Make sure that you get yourself properly measured and fitted for a bra, but just one or two bras will do you right now. Your breasts will continue to grow, believe it or not, and your ribcage will expand to accommodate your pregnancy, and you'll need a different size later on. When it comes to nursing, wait as long as you can to ensure the right fit.

Chat with other moms

Your appetite might be slowly coming improving after suffering from morning during your first trimester. Now is the time to be thinking about the best foods for you and your baby. Head on over to our forums to chat to other moms-to-be about health and nutrition.

 When it comes to nursing, wait as long as you can to ensure the right fit.

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