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October Birth Club

Is your baby due to arrive in October? Please find links below to our Birth Clubs on Facebook.

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October Birth Club Links

Due in October 2017
Due in October 2018

The leaves are falling off the trees, the clocks are changing, and Halloween decorations have no doubt been in the shops for some time; so it’s time to kick dry leaves around, and start planning your costume for the 31st, if you’re dressing up.

In October

October is also Dyslexia Awareness Month, Pizza Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month; but you could also observe Hug A Sheep Day (28th) and Magic Day (31st) if you want something a little different!

Librans/ Scorpios include Sir Roger Moore (14th), Kim Kardashian (21st), John Lennon (9th), Kate Winslet (5th), Oscar Wilde (16th), and Julie Andrews (1st): All legends in their own specific ways!

Cooking in October

If you need inspiration for Autumnal Feasts, check out Spiced Dorset Apple Traybake, basic Pizza Dough that you can jazz up with your favourite toppings, or Indian Roast Chicken.

You could also make a Halloween Barm Brack; adding objects (wrapped in tinfoil) which traditionally hold a meaning if found: A ring symbolises marriage within the coming year, a coin symbolises wealth, and a small rag symbolises bad luck! 

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