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Is your baby due in May? Please find links below to our Birth Clubs on Facebook.

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May Birth Club Links

Baby due in May 2017
Baby due in May 2018

Once we hit Bealtaine/May Day (1st) it’s good to know that summer is officially on the way, however changeable the weather might be…is this the year to pop over to Kilfenora for the Father Ted Festival? 

In May

May is the month for Cystic Fibrosis Awareness, Coeliac Awareness, and Asthma Awareness along with other hugely important causes. The second week of May is also Mental Health Awareness Week, so ‘Darkness Into Light’ will be taking place once again around the country.

To raise the mood, we also have International Limerick Day (the witty poem, not the County) on the 12th, and Chicken Dance Day on the 14th.

Happy birthday to David Beckham (2nd), Adele (5th), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (14th), and Tina Fey (18th) and to all you other May babies!

Cooking in May

Another sure-fire sign of summer, is that it is the beginning of strawberry season. Recommended recipes for May are Balsamic Strawberries, Stuffed Peppers, and Sautéed Potatoes With Spinach and Eggs; which all have nice fresh flavours to get you in the mood for summer.


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