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June Birth Club

Is your baby due in May? Please find links below to our Birth Clubs on Facebook.

Just click the link of your baby due date and request to join!

June Birth Club Links

Baby due in June 2017
Baby due in June 2018

June is all about light and positivity, so let’s celebrate Say Something Nice Day (1st), Knit In Public Day (10th), and Eat Your Vegetables Day (17th). 

In June

Fans of James Joyce will be celebrating Bloomsday on the 16th; and don’t forget to treat all the Dads for Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday in June.

June babies include Marilyn Monroe (1st), Angelina Jolie (4th), Liam Neeson (7th), and Lionel Messi (24th) as well as Presidents Trump, and Bush Snr.

Cooking in June

June is the season for peaches and berries, salad leaves, and broccoli; so make the most of the fresh flavours with Pea, Cucumber and Mint SaladChicken & Broccoli Pasta, and Summer Pudding.

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