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February Birth Club

Is your baby due in February? Please find links below to our Birth Clubs on Facebook.
Just click the link of your baby due date and request to join!

February Birth Club Links

Due in February 2018
Due in February 2017

February babies share their birthdays with the likes of Abraham Lincoln (12th), Rihanna (20th), and Steve Jobs (24th); so they’re sure to be go getters.

In February

You may know February for Valentine’s Day, but we can also celebrate Library Lovers Month, National Condom Month, Lame Duck Day, Shrove Tuesday (most of the time … sometimes it wanders into March) and theoretically, the beginning of Spring.

February Cooking

Foods coming into season include Carrots, Leeks, Rabbit, John Dory (who doesn’t love a fish with a human name?), and meaty Monkfish; so this is the season for classic Leek & Potato Soup, Carrot Cake, or John Dory With Basil Mash.

About the Author

Emily is a Writer, Editor, Blogger, and our new Digital Content Intern. She has three awesome nieces, and has accidentally worn the same outfit as them on at least one occasion. Emily likes making things, including hand-drawn cards, and a darn good chocolate cake; and she still sounds very English, despite living in Dublin for the last eight years. More insight into the workings of her brain can be found on


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