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eumom Birth Clubs

eumom Birth Clubs give you the unique community and emotional support that you need during pregnancy, especially in the early days when you may not want to chat to friends or family members. 

To find your Birth Club month just click: Birth Clubs

It’s a place where you can connect with other women with similar due dates and it provides first-hand information from other experienced moms-to-be.

Once your baby is born, many eumom Birth Club moms stay in touch with the women they’ve grown so close to, either online or in person, and life-long friendships have started here.

In recent years, many of our forum Birth Clubs have transfered to Facebook groups so we are helping to facilitate this by moving all our active eumom Birth Clubs to private Facebook groups. 

eumom Birth Clubs

To find your Birth Club month just click here and you will find the Birth Clubs listed by month. Just click on your month and ask to join.

Once a member, you can post and chat to all the other moms in the group privately.

Content in Closed Groups is Private

Our private eumom Birth Clubs are closed Facebook groups. This means that only group members can see what you post in the group and your posts will never be public or appear in your friends’ timelines.

Your posts won't display on your Facebook page or anywhere else on Facebook. Anyone not in the group, who opens the Birth Club page will not be able to see any posts on the page.

Emotional Support

Through the eumom birth clubs, moms can ask questions and get answers from other mothers who have first-hand experience. Everything from spotting and nausea to breast soreness to siblings to hospital policies is all up for discussion.

This is helpful for both first-time moms and those who have new questions (after all, each pregnancy is different).

Apart from anything else, connecting with other moms and finding out how they are doing helps you feel validated.

So often in pregnancy, you wonder if you are the only who has a specific issue, or you wonder if you’re going mad. Connecting with other moms via a birth club helps you know that you are not alone.

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jane 23
I am three month pregnant and this period is very difficult for me because the third month is one of the most important moments during pregnancy. During this time new organs and systems of organs of the fetus are formed; considerable changes are happening in the already established systems and organs. By the 12th, week the fetus already looks like a human being, though the head is still disproportionally big in comparison with the rest of the body, and the already formed limbs are too small. The future baby has well-functioning circulatory and urinary systems.
14/07/2017 13:53:22

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Gemma D'Arcy
Are you setting up an April 2018 birth club??
13/08/2017 10:30:58

user icon
Lina Gerybaite
So no one is being born in April 2018? :)
09/01/2018 21:10:36

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