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10 Biblical Baby Boy Names

Whether religious or not, biblical names have always been a popular choice for parents.

Here is a list of names that could give you some inspiration that you may or may not know come from The Bible.

1. Adam

The first man created, Adam is the Hebrew for “man” and is still as popular as it has ever been.

2. Cain

In the Old Testament, Adam and Eve’s first son was named Cain. The name means “acquired” in Hebrew.

3. Caleb

The origin of Caleb is unknown, but it is most likely related to Hebrew either meaning “dog” or “whole-hearted”.

4. Ezra

Meaning “help” in Hebrew, and could be used also as a girl’s name.

5. Felix

Felix was originally used as a nickname in Roman times, meaning “lucky, successful” in Latin.

6. Jared

Jared is the name of a close descendant of Adam in the Old Testament, taking on the literal meaning “descent”.

7. Jesse

Of Hebrew descent, Jesse means “gift” and can be used as both a girl and a boy’s name.

8. Michael

Meaning “who is like God?”, the name acts as a rhetorical question. In The Bible, there is an Archangel named Michael.

9. Reuben

In Hebrew, Reuben means “behold, a son”.

10. Seth

In the Old Testament, Seth is the third son of Adam and Eve. The name means “placed” or “appointed” in Hebrew.

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