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Flying Ryanair with Children?

All airlines have different policies regarding flying with infants and small children and the carriage of equipment such as strollers and car seats.

Here are 5 things every parent should know when travelling Ryanair with children.

1. Equipment

You can bring two pieces of equipment free of charge, including items such as a fully collapsible pushchair / car seat / baby sling / travel cot. Additional items are charged at the rate of €10 each way or €20 each way if booked at airport. Stork Exchange Tip: If you have a pushchair or anything where you need to separate chassis from the seat to collapse, use a pram bag. This will prevent pieces going missing in the aircraft hold and/or damage.

2. Pack Securely

Ryanair in their terms and conditions do not cover damage for “unsuitably packed” items (i.e putting the car seat in a bin liner is not considered suitably packed). They “strongly recommend” the use of travel bags for infant equipment. We have found at Dublin Airport that most damaged equipment is refunded, most. If the equipment is scratched or beaten up a bit but not broken, it’s a trickier argument. We look after airline passengers whose equipment comes out damaged and it is more often than not a buggy that has been damaged, while car seats go AWOL but in fairness to Ryanair, they don’t send us very many passengers. Stork Exchange Tip: We would strongly recommend you use a travel bag for your equipment, especially buggies and car seats. At the very least bubble wrap your equipment.

3. Kids Under The Age of 2

Children under 2 years travelling in their own seat (ie not on your knee) must have an Amsafe Harness or an aircraft approved car seat. The seat will be marked FAA or TÜV-approved, or “For Use In Aircraft”. The airline does not provide the harness, so you’ll need to get one in advance of travel. The retail on Amazon for about €70, or you can hire them with The Stork Exchange.

4. Charges & Fees

Ryanair charge a fee of €20 (€40 return) for infants travelling on their parent’s knee. There’s no baggage allowance for the child, but parents are allowed a ‘baby bag’ for nappies etc of up to 5kg. Stork Exchange Tip: Pack all your nappies in the pram bag – it’ll give the pram extra padding and protection and give you more space in the baby bag.

5. Stork Exchange Courtesy Strollers

Finally, you can use your pram up to the gate, but always make sure to collapse it for ground handling staff and tidy away any loose straps. If you are flying from Dublin Airport however, we provide courtesy strollers after security, so you can check in your pram and have the use of strollers right up to the gate.

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About the Author

I’m Olivia Mai, founder of The Stork Exchange and Mum to two small children. My third baby is the one I leave at home when I go on holidays, it’s called The Stork Exchange and it’s my little business. It is a children's equipment hire service that offers everything from child car seats, prams, buggies, cots and highchairs, to monitors, booster seats, buggy boards and pram bags. I started The Stork Exchange with my husband four years ago after a bad experience on holidays abroad with my kids. Fast forward four years and we now have two shops, one at Dublin Airport and one in Shannon. We work closely with a number of airlines and car rental companies and have spent three years developing our product range. That’s a lot of products to trail -- safety, durability and ease of use are top priorities. I constantly get asked questions by parents about travelling with kids -- what equipment to bring, what not to bring, what’s allowed by airlines, what’s not. Being at the airport day in day out means I am pretty close to it all and as a result have built up loads of knowledge, tips and nuggets of practical and useful info about the do’s and don’t of travelling with children. I also learn from the experience of other Mums and Dads. It’s great to be able to share this advice to help make the journey and holiday a bit smoother and easier for other parents. Want to get in touch? Email me at or call 087 255 8702 Check out my website and social channels at the icons above.


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