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8 Awkward Parenting Moments We Can All Relate To

Being a mom or dad is an amazing, fun-filled, fulfilling job that you wouldn’t change for the world.

Sometimes situations arise that can make things a tiny little bit awkward, and hilarious too. 

But we're all in this together! To remind you that you are never alone on this mad journey we call parenthood, here's a list of some hilariously awkward parenting moments that are probably all too familiar. 

1. When the school run causes a bit of a wardrobe malfunction


2. When your child is having the most epic tantrum in public and just wont settle


3. When your little one asks you how babies are made


4. When the family photoshoot doesn’t quite go to plan


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5. When your child walks in on mom and dad having some ‘alone time’


6. When your child drops a swear word in public


7. When your kid points at someone and starts shouting about their baldness/wrinkles/distinctive feature


8. When your child repeats something you said at home, that definitely wasn’t meant to be shared with the public


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