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More to moms

At eumom, one of things that stand out from our member surveys (and something that moms always tell... more

Why moms matter

Well apart from the fact that we all love and cherish our mothers as individuals, the real answer... more

Holiday Time is Family Time

Holiday Time is Family Time

This month we surveyed our moms about their holiday plans and from the 2,776 responses received, one thing is clear – Summer holidays are... more

Wellbeing Month at eumom

Wellbeing Month at eumom

eumom was set up with a simple yet powerful idea – to create a community where moms can share their experiences and get trusted advice... more

Move over Santa – Mom’s the real boss at Christmas!

Now that Halloween has passed, it’s officially CHRISTMAS! And no one knows this more than our members. They’re busy planning and preparing to have everything ready for the big day, very like another busy soul up at the North Pole. Food plays a huge part in the Christmas festivities and our moms are in charge of that as well. In fact a staggering 72% of moms... more