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Is There a Best Time for Toddlers to Go to Bed

SLEEP: Scientists can be a rather exact bunch and, according to a group of US scientists, the optimum time for toddlers to go to bed is precisely 8.10pm.

This, they say, results in them falling asleep within 30 minutes, rather than fighting sleep.

The researchers, from the University of Colorado, believe that putting your child to bed too early can mean they are unable to sleep as their body clock just isn’t ready. In addition, they claim that choosing a bedtime which is out of sync with your child’s body clock is what causes sleepless nights – for both you and your child.

The study, which was published in journal Mind, Brain and Education, said a good night’s sleep depends on when toddlers experience a rise in the body’s levels of the hormone melatonin, which increases during the evening to rule the internal body clock.

What do you think? Do you think this has any real bearing on life with a toddler, or is it unrealistic to have such a specific time?

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