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Baking For Kids: Mid-term Activities

Does your little one like helping you in the kitchen? Kids simply love getting their hands stuck into a big bowl of cake mix and other yummy treats, so why not get them involved with some baking ideas over the Spring mid-term?

What's their favourite baked sweet treats? We have listed 12 of the yummiest and easiest treats to cook with the kids this mid-term:

1. Crunchie Rocky Road

Marshmallows, chocolate and crunchie bars? Taste of heaven! This is a simple and yummy recipe for the little ones to follow and will be ready in no time.

2. Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

The title says it all. Yummy Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows with sprinkles. The kids will have great fun making this crafty recipe.


3. Almond and Raspberry Curd Cupcakes

Kids love cupcakes of any flavour: chocolate, vanilla, raspberry you name it! Why not get your child to give you a hand with baking these delicious
Almond and Raspberry Curd Cupcakes decorated with buttercream frosting, pink sprinkles and icing.


4. Chocolate Biscuit Treats

Is your little baker a fan of chocolate? Then mom and her little Jamie Oliver will have so much fun making these gorgeous Chocolate Biscuit Treats.


5. Almond and Raspberry Tart

Tarts are a custom choice for dessert in many households, with apple with the top choice. Why not try something different with the kids and create this creamy and fruity Avonmore Almond and Raspberry Tart?


6. Fresh Sponge Cake

This is one of our all time favourite recipes that goes perfect with a cup of tea, the Fresh Sponge Cake. Get your little chef to give you a hand with this simple easy to follow recipe.


7. Raspberry Jam and Custard Slices

This mouth-watering and gorgeous Raspberry Jam and Custard Slices recipe is fantastic for the little ones to help mom with in the kitchen. Why not get them to help with making the cream simply by using a whisk in a large bowl?


8. Chocolate Chip Buns

This Chocolate Chip Buns recipe is a classic and one that is so easy to follow. The kids will have so much fun helping mom make these yummy buns. Why not get creative and add some chocolate or even vanilla icing?


9. Kid Friendly Sugar Biscuits

These yummy Kid Friendly Sugar Biscuits are perfect for the little ones to help bake and decorate. Quick to make and the results are fabulous as you have plenty of delicious biscuits for the family to snack on.


10. Apple and Cinnamon Sponge

There is nothing more perfect that enjoying a yummy sponge cake. This Apple and Cinnamon Sponge recipe tastes heavenly and one for the whole family to try.


11. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Don't be shocked if you find your little baker requiring little assistance on this recipe. These Red Velvet Cupcakes are so yummy and are quick to make. These cupcakes are mostly enjoyed on the day they were baked.


12. Raspberry Jam

There is nothing better than creating your very own homemade jam. The is Raspberry jam recipe is hassle free and tastes delicious. Your little helper can assist you with washing the fruit and labelling and dating the jars.

Do you have a favourite recipe to bake with your little ones? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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