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10 of The Cutest Things Kids Have Ever Said

“Mommy, when I grow up, will you give me a photo of you so that I can stick it to my hand and always have you with me?

Or I know! I could get a tattoo!” – Emily, age 4

“Meat is animals? Well don’t worry Mama, we only eat the dead ones.” – Éoin, age 4

“Mommy, I love you all the way to Canis Majoris.” (One of the largest stars, 3,900 light-years away from Earth) – Rory, age 5

“Daddy, what do you see when you close your eyes? Universe and visions? Oh… I just see black.” – Megan. Age 5

“When I’m big, if I sell all my toys and buy you a ring, will you marry me?” – Marcus, age 4

“You look so beautiful Mammy, but what are all the cracks in your face?” – Sara, age 5

“Say hi to Daddy? How did he get in the camera?!” – Oisín, age 3

“Mommy, if you want I can teach you how to pee standing up.” – Senan, age 4

“Can I have a cama.. comma…, cammmoliel tea too? I want to relax.” Maggy, age 4

“Let me take a picture of you, but I’ll make it black and white so people don’t see your wrinkles”. – Sara, age 6

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