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Your Essential Guide To Online Chatting

Have you discovered our birth clubs? Our fantastic community of moms are chatting about pregnancy, parenting and real life – and we’d love for you to join in!
Whether you’re wondering if your newborn is breathing too loud, if you’re hoping your eight-month-old will someday sleep through the night, where to go on holidays or more, our mom community has the answer!

To help you navigate your way through the forums, here are some of the most common acronyms you’ll come across.

BF – breastfeed or boyfriend
BM – breast milk or bowel movement
CS or C/S – Caesarean section
DD – darling daughter
DF – darling fiancee
DH – darling husband
DP – darling partner
DS – darling son
DW – darling wife
EBF – exclusively breastfeeding
FF – formula feeding
FTM – first-time mum
LO – little one
LOL – laugh out loud
MC or M/C – miscarriage
ML – maternity leave
MIL – mother-in-law
OH – other half
PG – pregnant or pregnancy
PPD – postpartum depression
SAHD – stay-at-home dad
SAHM – stay-at-home mom
SAHP – stay-at-home parent
WAH – work at home
WOH – work out of the home
Any other good ones we’re missing?

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