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Your Relationship When Trying to Get Pregnant

Relationships play a very big role in conception, and a pregnancy plays a very big role in a relationship.

Here, we’ll give you some tips for your relationship before, during and after trying to conceive.

Before – be sure you’re ready

If you’ve got baby fever, be sure to take a deep breath and step back before trying to conceive a child. Many relationships have been strained or even ended due to a pregnancy, even if the couple thought they wanted a child.

Evaluate your relationships carefully. Try to be as certain as possible that you and your partner are fully committed to raising a child before you even begin to think about conceiving. Remember that a child is a full eighteen year commitment, not simply a cute plaything to dress in adorable little outfits and show off to your friends. Both partners should spend time with plenty of babies before trying to conceive. Ask a friend if you can “borrow” their child overnight if possible, to get a real sense of what living with a baby involves.

Relationships should also be stable. Pregnancy and parenthood change people, so be sure that you are fully committed to your partner and are ready to stick by them through things like morning sickness, irritability and mood swings. Fathers aren’t exempt from these issues…many couples report male “pregnancy” symptoms!

During – don’t give up

Trying to conceive can turn what was once a favorite pastime (intimacy) into a dreaded “chore.” Don’t fall into this common trap. Many relationships are strained while trying to conceive if the woman doesn’t become pregnant right away. In reality, it takes many couples as long as a year to conceive. Remember that a relaxed and happy couple is much more likely to conceive quickly, so slow down and enjoy the process without obsessing about the outcome.

The more supported a woman feels in a relationship, the more likely she is to conceive. Some experts believe that a woman’s mind is hard-wired to conceive more easily with a man she believes will be a good partner and a good father. While there are many accidental pregnancies which fly in the face of this idea, there is compelling evidence which supports it as well.

Taking this into consideration, remember to pay attention to your instincts. If either partner is feeling negative about conception, there is likely a very good reason. Finances, job stability and simple compatibility are all common concerns. Relationships go through many stages, so if you’re feeling uncertain now, don’t be afraid to wait.

After – success!

Congratulations, you’re about to become a parent! Relationships are crucial during a pregnancy, for both partners.Remember to support each other in every way. Emotions, both bad and good, tend to run high during this time, so forgive the occasional snippy comment or annoyed glance.Keep your minds on the little miracle who’s coming, and the pregnancy will be much more bearable.

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