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    Hi all,

    I need your advice & opinion. I run workshops, aimed at anyone who is tired of constantly dieting or overeating and struggling with weight and eating (  I take the focus off the food, and look at why- why do you eat? why do you turn to food when you are not hungry? How we eat often reflects our habits, feelings and what’s happening within us. If weight/eating have been problematic for a long time, then something as superficial as a diet is not going to solve it.  I help people tackle the root of their problem with eating and weight, and become aware of why they eat when they are not hungry. My approach is very solution-oriented. I emphasise eating in response to stomach hunger only (the only time you need to eat!) I also provide online advice and support and a program of aftercare.  So, I need your help in 2 ways:

    I’m also looking for people who are willing to share their problems re weight and eating with me (completely confidential), either individuals or small groups.  In return I’ll give you lots of advice on tackling your eating/weight difficulties.

    Also, I’d love your feedback and opinions on my approach- it’s new and innovative, and well researched- I have lots of experience working in this area and have personal experience of struggling with and overcoming weight/food problem. I’m delivering talks on the WeightWise approach in Dublin and Wicklow and I want to get a discussion going on tackling our anxieties around food and weight ( So feel free to join in!

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Send me a pm if you like.


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    Never go on over eating and always eat simple, healthy, and home made foods.

    Eat more fruits, vegetables, grains, and other raw foods instead of the fast foods, fatty foods, and junk foods to keep your weight within a healthy limit.


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    Very nice article,Weight gaining is one of the most common problems nowadays so getting rid of it is very important for a better health so i apprrciate you for sharing this with us it will help me a lot.And surely others

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    Hi Bernadette, your approach sounds very similar to Paul McKenna’s ” I can make you thin” program. I read his book and nodded along at the complete common sense it contained… Only eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, rate your hunger before you eat, eat slowly so you know when you’re full etc.
    I definitely found I reduced my portions and spread my food out more (eg keeping some of my lunch for later in the afternoon) but ultimately even though I knew i shouldn’t eat something or continue to eat when I’m full I couldn’t make it work for me. The simple fact is I LOVE food. If I go out for dinner and pay for a nice meal I’m not about to leave it behind me because it tastes nice. I WANT to eat it! If I cook a nice meal at home I also want to finish it. If someone offers me chocolate it doesn’t matter whether I’m hungry or not I think “mmmm, yes please”. For me personally, diet and exercise with occasional treats/days off is the only thing that works.

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    I am totally agree with you and would ike to apppreciate you for your this kindness. I think the best way to reduce weight is that you take low fat and carbs in your diet. But with that don’t forget to take exercise.


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