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    Hi girls Im getting married New years eve and my numbers are out of control, so I want to drop all plus 1’s off the list and was thinking of contacting all the people effected to let them know if they are in a relationship by the wedding or if they are uncomfortable coming on there own they they are more than welcome to bring someone, I just feel if it is on the invite they will all just bring someone for the sake of it and that is over 30 people so its them or my friends from work.  do ye think this is ok or do you think people will be offended? My MIL to be thought it was an awful idea and that i couldn’t possibly do it

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    Cmok, we did exactly that for our wedding. Like you, numbers were getting crazy, so we decided that if a person wasn’t in a relationship, we would invite them on their own. If, closer to the wedding, they were in a relationship, of course they could bring their partner, but to be honest, that wasn’t an issue. No one seemed to have a problem with it, not the invited guests anyway! Like you, mil would have invited the world and her aunty if she could have gotten away with it!! We chose not to have children at the wedding either, that didn’t go down well with some of dh’s relations and they chose not to come (mil nearly went mental over that too!!), but that was their decision, like it was ours not to have kids at the wedding. Stick to your guns. I always said planning the wedding was a doddle until people got involved!! If you have made the decision not to ask plus ones, then stick with that. Best of luck with the rest of the planning!!

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    We did exactly the same for our wedding too, if people weren’t in a relationship then they got invited on their own. I think in the end only one of my closest friends got a plus one but she didn’t bring anyone cos she didnt want to have to babysit them for the day as he wouldn’t have known anybody. We didn’t have kids apart from our son and my niece and nephew and at that they were all sorted in bed with a sitter by about 9! Luckily nobody had a problem with no kids allowed.

    If I was in your position I would def prefer to have friends from work there then people you don’t know. A lot of DH older cousins that were invited don’t really have significant others that the family know but they all (and there are a lot) got told that plus ones were more then welcome to the afters and some came too. Most people understand there are number restrictions.

    Good luck getting sorted and remember its yours and ohs day so invite who you want to share it with :-)

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    End of the year is always special for the people and celebrating this in this way is definitely a great feeling.

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