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    My 13 yr old DD has recently (in the last week) started to have coughing attacks – the cough is like a tickle and then she starts to swallow until she cant take a breath and then starts to inhale like she cant breathe. It finishes by violent burping and sometimes getting sick. I’ve been to A&E twice and my GP 3 times and no one knows what it is. My GP suggested Whooping Cough but I’m not convinced. Does anyone have any experience of this – it’s very frightening and comes on day and night (even when she’s fast asleep it wakes her in the middle of the night). I’m beginning to despair as she’s been checked for all he usual – panic attacks, asthma, epilepsy etc etc. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’ve no medical background but have had whooping cough in the past and you’ve described my symptoms perfectly. In the early stages it can be very difficult to diagnose whooping cough as the attacks can be quite infrequent. However they end exactly as you’ve described with a great whoop for air. There’s a site (I think) where you can hear a sample!!



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    Hi Sunday, thanks so much for your reply – I really am at a loss as to what it could be. She has been on penicillin, an inhaler and cough medicine for the past 2 weeks but is still waking in the night with this terrible persistant swallowing and losing of her breath. It is VERY scary. We’re going to try school tomorrow as she has missed a week already and am hoping for the best. Last night she woke 3 times and vommitted once so it’s not a great sign of improvement. I’m giving it another few nights and will have to find another way of solving the mystery that it has become. She had a nasal swab done to check for whooping cough and it came back negative although my Dr said it’s not a very conclusive test and he’s still convinced that’s what she has.

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    Sounds like whooping cough to me. I once saw a baby with it (years ago), and your description fits what I remember.

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    It sounds to me like whooping cough, I had it when I was about 17 and was really sick with it, you need to get her back to a different doctor asap and they will give her something to stop the cough, I had a particularly rough big bottle of liquid I had to take for nealy a month after and was out of school for a fortnight once diagnosed. I remember being brought to the doctor and being sick in my mams car on the way there and back……

    The symptoms to me really sound like whooping cough, its not a constant cough but when you get a fit (which can be quite often) all the coughing makes you vomit, a kind of mucus vomit (sorry for being disgusing) but it can be really tough and leave you shaking out after it….

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