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    Hi girl just wondering is there any way I can lose a small bit of weight as I am a big girl only one month pg so what to start now thanks

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    Hey Avon28, really recommend a book called The Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Cookbook by Hope Ricciotti. It gives lots of pregnancy nutrition advice and tips for maintaining, gaining or reducing weight during pregnancy depending on your starting BMI.
    To answer your question yes you can lose a little bit of weight (particularly early on, and given that you’re overweight to begin with) but more importantly you can insure that you stay within the healthy weight gain range during pregnancy so that both you and baby benefit.
    A friend of mine actually lost weight during her pregnancy as she had gestational diabetes and had to drastically change her diet. Obviously she still put on baby and fluid weight but she had no permanent weight gain. Once her daughter was born, she weighed less than before her pregnancy. She was strictly watched diet wise throughout her pregnancy and ate very healthily.
    Best of luck!

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    Hi avon 28, congrats on your pregnancy. If you can afford it, I would recommend Slimming World (if you have a group near you). I find it a fantasitc way of loosing weight. A woman in my group stayed throughout her whole pregnancy, and was thinner after she had the baby, compared to before she got pregnant. It’s all about eating proper food, with no restrictions. Suited me down to the ground when I was pregnant, and i had to eat loads!! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy

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