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    We are getting married in 6months and have dd who will b 20months when we get married my dilema is who r we going to get to mind her the night of the wedding? My sister who is not a bridesmaid has offered to mind her during the cermony and meal but im a bit stuck on what to do after that! Anyone any suggestions?

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    Hey, I would suggest getting someone that’s not even at the wedding for that night if that’s possible for you? My ds was just gone 2 at our wedding last year and things couldnt have worked better for us in the end, a friend was 4 months pregnant at the time and was wrecked by 9 most nights, she was a guest at the wedding during the day and then her dd the same age as our ds was dropped to the hotel about 8 and she took the two of them for a sleepover in her room. I was a little wary about whether he would sleep or not but he was wrecked from the day so flaked! Worked out well for us in the end but if my friend hadn’t offered then I was gonna get another friends sister up to the hotel to sit with him (after I got him to sleep) in my parents room til they were going to bed. Good luck, hope ya get sorted :-)

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    Thanks for the reply rogers11 was thinkn of a sitter in the hotel just dont want our parents to feel like they have to take her! But a friends sister is a good idea need to think outside of our usual group of friends and family. Thanks again :)

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