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    How long would you spend doing homework with a child in 2nd class?
    My DS1 hates being told to do his homework and really doesnt want to put in any time learning either tables or spellings. Im wondering am i being to hard on him, so this week ive tried a new approach and i let him decide how long to spend learning tables etc and im taking a step back. Should i be panicking at the fact that he doesnt know his tables? Should i just relax[?]

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    My DS is in First Class. He gets spellings, tables, reading, writing and sums for homework. In September we found he was getting much more homework than last year – this appears to be normal for First Form. Anyway, each day homework was a battleground – him not focussing, not learning, me shouting etc. etc. I decided to take a different tack on it. We now talk about “doing happy homework when we get home”. I tell him each day how much I enjoy doing it with him (large fib!!!). He writes out his tables, but certainly doesn’t recite them they way I recall we used to. We spent in excess of 30 minutes each day – sometimes up to an hour – depending on his concentration or lack of. Has your child’s teacher given any indication as to what expectations are? I think it’s a good idea to talk to teachers – let them know you are interested in your child’s education and get feedback on what the norm is. I think in second form to expect a child to “learn” things by rote is a bit beyond them? I know this rambles a bit, but hope it helps somewhat?

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    I hated learning tables in school, the more my dad tried to help the more i hated it.Sounds like he might be very bored with the whole thing. Maybe if he was thought a different way he might enjoy it more. I found some websites that he might like. The last one might be great fun for a boy his age !![;)] full of real video games to teach tables.

    a spelling site i use is and these are other sites are good for tables….. or or

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