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    Hi, I’m a mum of one with one on the way. My little girl is eight and has some weight issues as she was on alot of steroids due to illness. She is now upset that she is “fat”, she is overweight and now wants to go on a diet but I’m now happy about it. Shes also starting to become a little women so she’s even more upset. Need help!!!!

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    First off, I’m not a mum (yet) so feel free to ignore this, but I was on steroids as a teenager and I know how horrible it is to feel fat from them. My best friend once laughed at the term ‘moon-face’ and I think I cried at her.


    Could you perhaps get your girl more aware of the food pyramid, and what her body needs. Her diet could be a more healthy diet, not a fad diet. Maybe get her to help prepare more veggies for dinners, have more fruit for snacks, and change her sandwiches to brown bread instead of white? Just make sure that she knows she needs at least a certain amount of each food type to keep growing healthy, including a small amount of fat, complex carbs, protein etc. A good healthy diet will also help with spots which can also be a problem with steroids (and with puberty).


    If she already does eat a healthy balanced diet, sorry I’m not trying to suggest that she’s not eating well. I know the steroids are horrible for side effects, but they do usually do a very good job at fighting illness and I hope your daughter is well now.

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