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    I have been doing the 2 days fasting 5 days eating normally a week for the last 4 weeks and the weight is coming off at around 2 lbs per week.  Finding it really easy but would love to know what anyone else thinks or has experienced

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    Well yeah it is possible to lose weight by skipping meals and it is the easiest way to lose the weight.Keep doing it but also eat healthy food because that is needed i mean the proper nutrition is something which your body actually needs.

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    It never worked for me I always get more hungry after fasting! :scratch:

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    I’m with Reha on this one, I always want food more when I am trying to do without. It’s just not for me. I was on the Secret Diet Drop diet (take 15 drops under tongue 30 mins before each meal which consists of one type of protein and 1 type of veg (example you can have a as much carrot as you want in one sitting – be it raw – grated/ sliced etc or stir fried with apple cider vingegar / roasted with the protein ie 30g chicken or beef as an example of types of meals you can have) . that was just before I found out I was pregnant. I lost 8lb in a less than three weeks. Had to abandon it when i found out I was pregnant as it advised me to discontinue.

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