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    Hi ladies!

    How are you? My name is Sole, I was born and raised in Argentina and I am 32 years old and 11 weeks pregnant with my first child.

    My husband and I are moving to Ireland as he is being permanently relocated by his employer. I am excited as I heard great things about Ireland, but on the other hand extremely nervous as it´ll be all new and we´ll be all by ourselves there. Also, your health system is so different from ours! Here you have the same doctor throughout the whole pregnancy, you deliver with him/her in clinics that look like hotels, in private rooms, get one scan per month, etc. and it´s all “wait free” (yes, this country has many problems but health services ain´t one of them!)

    Anyway, all new for me. And I don´t even know where to start! We´ll be moving in the first days of May and I would like to get as much help and guidance as I can get. One thing I´m very happy about is I heard only the best things about the Irish and how friendly and caring they are.

    Thanks for reading and for any advice you can provide.



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