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    Honey Bun

    Hi everyone well after nearly 20yrs together my partner and myself have decided to get married next year.  We are looking for a civil cermony in a  nice hotel and I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for a nice but reasonable place near or around the Dublin area.

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    hi honeybun

    i looked into this myself last yr i live down the country and was told there was a 16month waiting list to get a registar to do it in a hotel so i’d ring them first before you book any hotels or anything i only managed to get married by the skin of my teeth because i was given the wrong information by the registry office they took pity on me and i managed to get married just in time triple check all the information they gave you. when i rang to enquire they told me ring up and you can get married in 3months but they didn’t tell me there was another 3month waiting list just to make the appointment to make the appointment to get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i had it all booked abroad paid for the whole lot so thankfully they managed to squeeze me in after i started bawling down the phone that the information given to me was wrong

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    Green Isle Hotel, Dublin Zoo, Thomas prior Hall and like this many more destination are now available in Dublin and they are cost effective too.

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