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    Hi Girls,
    Today I stood on the scales and smiled for the first time in months! It is all because of this wonderful diet which came to the forefront when Carol Vorderman suddenly lost a pile of weight and the media went into a frenzy.
    Now firstly, I would NEVER recommend some fad diet that was unhealthy or unbalanced (of which this diet is neither) and I would also like to point out that this diet is not primarilty about weight loss it is about cleansing your body. The idea is that by giving your body a break from foods it finds difficult to digest it then has the energy to clear out toxins and process fat.
    I have been doing this diet on and off over the past few years (usually once or twice a year) but have also incorporated some of its principles into my normal diet (e.g. I eat a lot more vegetarian meals than I used to, I try to avoid processed foods, drink very little caffeine…).
    So what does it involve…
    Basically you cut out wheat, dairy, fish, meat, eggs, caffeine and alcohol for 4 weeks. I know what you’re thinking… WHAT CAN I EAT? Well actually quite a lot. It is basically a vegan diet with the added impediments of no wheat, caffeineor booze. Bear in mind also, this is JUST FOR4 WEEKS. No one’s saying you can never have meat again or that you need to go t-total.
    Carbs: Porridge, millet, quinoa, rye, barley, rice and other grains (just not wheat), wheat free pasta and potatoes, ryvita crackerbreads.
    Protein: Nuts, lentils and other pulses, various beans and chickpeas, hummous, seeds, tofu
    Fruit & Veg: All fruit and veg, herbs also
    Fat: Healthy fats such as olive oil, walnut oil, avocados etc.
    Treats: Dark Chocolate or any number of nut and seed bars (health shops stock loads of these), popcorn
    The book has loads of recipes, many of which we love so much they are a regular part of our repertoire.
    The last time I did this detox was back in September. I lost [b]9 lbs[/b] over the 4 weeks. 7 lbs of this stayed off until the Christmas binge. This time, I’m a week in and already the weight is flying off.
    This diet works. It is hard – especially when you first do it as you are likely to have withdrawal symptoms from caffeine and sugar and will probably notice your sinuses clearing due to no dairy (bit like a cold for a day) but you will feel amazing and will definitely lose weight. I use it every time I hit a slump where I can’t get the weight to shift as a bit of a kick start to motivate me again. It also stops your sugar cravings dead in their tracks.
    I can’t recommend it enough. Hope this helps someone! [img=][/img]

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    Lil -Miss, can you ‘break out’ at all? I’ve a wedding in 2 weeks and am seriously thinking of trying this. I’ve had an operation recently and am only allow walk alittle at the moment so really need some help with shifting the stone or two i’ve gained from sitting on my bum since February. Will i get her book in Easons?

    How are you fairing out now with the diet?


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    Hi mymi, what do you mean by break out? Spots? If you do it should be shortlived. I personally find my skin clears up a lot each time i do the diet. I also find each time i do it that i have way less withdrawal/side effects (which i put down to my diet changing gradually over the years – e.g. less sugar and caffeine, more fruit and veg). You should be able to get the book in easons or definitely on

    I finished my detox yesterday. Lost 7 lbs on this occasion but I have been unable to exercise the last few weeks as have had very low blood pressure and get lightheaded with any type of exertion (early pregnancy). My clothes are much looser and i feel happy in myself. I’m not craving sweet or fatty things either – bizarrely I’ve been missing cheese and bread!
    My plan is to have a bit of a break for a few days and then move to the maintain diet (reintroduce low fat dairy, chicken, fish and a few other things). With the pregnancy I want to ensure I’m getting enough omega 3, calcium, iron etc.
    Best of luck for your big day.

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