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At eumom, one of things that stand out from our member surveys (and something that moms always tell us) is that there’s way more to moms than the stereotypes. While yes, Moms tend to be main shopper, the main caregiver, taxi driver for kids and general organizer, Moms role & influence are much broader and varied than the cliché.

She manages all financial matters including bills, budgeting and savings & investments. In fact 98% of moms manage all the bills and budgeting in families. Sixty per cent of them are solely responsible for the family savings.

Despite all the clichés it’s moms who have the final say in what car they family buy – and colour is only 7th on her list of factors!

Moms are always looking for better value buy shopping around online/offline and are primarily in charge of selecting, negotiating and switching across utilities, insurance companies, telecom providers and many more service providers.

Moms have always been natural networkers but nowadays they are super-connectors, with bigger networks and greater use of social media than virtually any other adult group bar teenagers. And we know that when a woman becomes a mom, she’s far more connected to her locality and people and issues associated with it – 98% want more local news and info once kids arrive (netmums UK 2013).

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