Childproofing your home

Toddlers and small children can seem like crazy balls of energy. And with such energy comes the need to ensure their safety. Child safety remains a fundamental concern among parents and supervising adults, especially as the child grows and learns to discover things on his or her own. An impulsive action by a child who has no inhibitions can often put his or her... more

Do I need a safety gate?

You'll be amazed at how quickly your baby becomes mobile and, once that happens, you'll be run off your feet. Babies are naturally curious and adventurous and they want to discover the world as soon as they possibly can, oblivious to all the dangers. The moment your baby starts to crawl, a safety gate will become essential. This will allow you to block off access... more

Keeping your baby safe

It's nearly impossible to stop worrying about the health and safety of your baby. However, there's no reason to drive yourself crazy. If you do, you'll likely miss some truly precious moments with your child. Remember that parental instincts are usually extremely reliable. Keep an eye on your child at all times, and if something feels wrong, trust your instincts.... more

Preventing accidents in the home

Nearly half of all childhood accidental injuries occur at home and in the garden. Whether your child has become mobile yet or not it is never too early to carry out a survey of your home to pinpoint potential danger areas and take the necessary safety measures. Childhood deaths in the home can occur in house fires, by drowning, through suffocation or choking,... more

Eco-friendly baby products

As a parent, you're undoubtedly concerned about finding the absolute best baby products for your little one. You're certainly not alone. The array of baby products on the market is enough to confuse anybody, showing just how big the market is for these items. Thanks to the huge phenomenon in recent years of clean, green living, some of today's most popular baby... more

How to do your baby's laundry

How to do your baby’s laundry

This article is sponsored by Persil No-Bio & Comfort Pure. It is great getting clothes from your family, friends and neighbours when they... more

Summer safety

Summer safety

“Summer time, and the living is easy” – so goes the famous tune. The months of May, June, July and August are all about children and... more

Dettol shows you unseen germs

Dettol shows you unseen germs

‘Dettol Shows You Unseen Germs’ exhibit at Pregnancy & Baby Fair to demonstrate the importance of hand washing to help reduce... more

Over-enthusiastic grandparents

Over-enthusiastic grandparents

Coping with an overenthusiastic grandparent Power struggles? Check. Family politics? Check. A lifetime’s worth of past issues that... more