Are you worried about losing your photos?

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We all have treasured memories of special family occasions, events or milestones. Whether it was the time the cake didn’t turn out quite right at your daughter’s first birthday, when the car wouldn’t start on your son’s first day at school, or the time Granddad fell asleep in the restaurant after the first holy communion dinner, we all have little things that we remember from these big milestones and special days.

We are a snap happy generation, our own personal paparazzi, and are lucky enough to be able to capture many of these moments in an instant. Most of us have a Smartphone bursting with pictures of all sorts of wonderful memories, but when do we actually get around to doing anything with them?

One of our biggest fears as a technology driven age is losing our phone without having backed up our precious memories. Is your phone full of photos? Do you worry about losing them every time you’re franticly searching in the bottom of your handbag?

If the answer is yes, then you need FUJIFILM Imagine.

It’s so easy to use! Just download the FUJIFILM Imagine Mobile App, select the photos, posters, canvas prints or photo gifts that you want to print. Upload your photos quickly and easily. You can choose to have your high quality photo products delivered or you can collect in store.

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