6 Ways To Make Open Plan Family Rooms Work

Open plan rooms for families are great; parents can keep an eye on the kids, everyone can play, eat and cook in the same room and it adds a strong sense of homeliness because all barriers are down! Here’s a few key points to note if you’re wanting to create an open plan space in your home.

1. Create Invisible Walls

Just because it’s open plan, doesn’t mean you can’t have rooms within that space. Block off areas with furniture, rugs or shelving to create a sense of a living area, dining area, play area etc.


2. Have An Organisation Station

Kids need a lot of management, so have an area in the kitchen that you can keep track of their busy schedules. Utilise unused space beside the fridge or inside a cupboard door, and make it stylish, it doesn’t have to mean clutter!

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3. Add In A Little Fun

Embrace drawing on the walls with some blackboard paint. It’s a fun little creative area for the kids but is also good for shopping lists!


4. Size Doesn’t Matter

If you live in a small house or apartment then be smart about your open plan living. The same concept applies to blocking off spaces using furniture etc.


5. Kitchen Benches Are Key

If you have the space to have a dining table and kitchen bench, do both. You can cook and the kids can eat in the same vicinity – it’s great for quick breakfasts or casual dining.


6. Add A Personal Touch

Let your family spirit shine in this area – add colour, photographs and lots of personal loveliness!


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