6 Clever Storage Ideas For A Family Home

With children, comes a lot of stuff. Whether it’s toys, clothes, bikes or that all important inflatable chair they just had to have, it’s important to have some secret, stylish and clever storage around your home for a clutter-free life for you and your kids. Here’s some ideas to consider if you have big or little kids in a big or little home!

1. No floor space, no worries

If floor space is limited in your childs room, think about what you can hang. Make use of the back of the door, inside wardrobe doors or straight from the ceiling. I love this idea of a couple of nice bags to hold toys in.


2. Step on storage

A lot of people have under-stairs storage but not quite in the literal sense. More and more people are installing clever drawers into their stairs which is perfect for storing the likes of shoes and school bags. It doesn’t have to be quite as elaborate as the below of course, but building in compartments into the first couple of steps can be very easy.

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3. Leave no space wasted

If you have a small bathroom then this bath storage idea would suit you perfectly. No more having your bath look like the shelves in Boots – hide all the toiletries!


4. Function meets design

Not every thing has to be boxed away to make the place look nice. Displaying your childs books on shelves or colour coding their teddy bears can make for a nice child-friendly design feature in their room as well organising and storing them.


5. Pop-up beds

We all know about under bed storage, but these pop up mattress beds are the next level (available in Ikea!). Whether it’s in your room or the kids, you can use this space instead of a chest of drawers or easily access shoes or bags without having to get down on your honkers and wipe off dusty storage bags.


6. Skinny spaces

Don’t overlook narrow spaces around the home for storage. In the kitchen for example, if you have a skinny space beside the fridge then put it a spice drawer (or wine rack!). It’s time to start utilising every nook and cranny that your eye comes across!


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