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Fiona O’Farrell is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist Specialising in Baby Sleep and Baby Development.


Fiona is Ireland’s only baby focused approach specialist to sleep. Fiona can identify the real reason why your baby is not sleeping and in doing so ensures long term Healthy Sleep Patterns. Her approach ensures no additional stress on your baby or young child which has a very positive impact on your baby’s development long term. Fiona provides workshops to help parents prevent sleep problems from arising. These workshops are a must for expectant and new parents.

Fiona is validated by the Department of Health and registered member of AOTI. This ensures accurate and trusted sharing of knowledge. Fiona is also mum to three small children and understands the difficulties faced by parents.

Baby Development

Fiona has worked for 20 years with babies and young children both in the NHS and HSE. Fiona has been involved in the implementation of early intervention teams which provide specialist services for babies and young children who are at risk of developmental difficulties. Her workshops help new and expectant parents to enjoy and understand their new baby whilst encouraging the very early development of their baby’s brain development during the critical period of 0 - 3 years.

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