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I’m Ciara Ryan, a Nutritional Therapist and member of NTOI. I’m also a mother to three sons, age 9, 7 and 2. I’m passionate about the power of nutritional therapy in helping with both prevention of illness and the promotion of optimum physical and mental health and wellbeing.

I work with private clients in my practice in Drogheda, Co. Louth (Skype/Phone consultations also available). I love helping people to improve their energy and vitality and empowering them to reach their health goals whether that be weight loss, discovering the root cause of their ongoing health issues or simply eating better as a family. I specialise in the areas of digestive and female hormonal health and design personalised nutritional protocols tailored to each individual or family taking into account their health status, food likes and dislikes, daily commitments and budget.

I also work with corporate clients running Employee Wellbeing programmes and giving talks and seminars on health topics affecting employees today.

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    My 15 month old used to be a good eater while we spoon fed him. He was happy to have his dinners we made for him. Then he discovered he could feed himself and since then it is so hard to get him to eat anything he can’t pick up and eat. We have tried him on everything from carrot sticks to fish fingers. He will take a couple of bites of everything then it all ends up on the floor. If you try and spoon feed him good food he spits it out. I’m worried he’s not getting enough iron and vitamins to help him develop & grow. Can you give me any advice?

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