Moms Doing It For Themselves

Here at eumom HQ, we pride ourselves in supporting moms in all aspects of their lives and take great pleasure in giving working moms, moms with small businesses and entrepreneurs a platform to talk about their business achievements, dreams, and aspirations. Through our mompreneur series, we have met so many fantastic women who have inspired us with their stories. Read some of our most recent mompreneur profiles below. Get some tips, motivation and be inspired! Also, we’re Shining a Spotlight on the Modern Working Momclick here for more info and to get involved.

Alison Canavan
Wowed and inspired many mothers when she spoke on the Late Late Show about her battle with post-natal depression. Since then she has transformed her life by embracing health and wellness, and through her own journey of discovery will help you with yours. Read more

Joanne Davey
We all dream of having our cake and eating it. For those of you on paleo or low-sugar health plans, Dublin mum of four, Joanne Davey, has come to your rescue with her range of healthy and yummy snacks, Absolute Nutrition.
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Nicola McDonnell
Eczema is a scourge for many Irish children – 1 in 10, to be exact. Nicola McDonnell watched her daughter suffer with it from an early age, decided to do something about it and created the smart start-up ‘Itchy Little Monkeys‘.
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Lenka Kirchova
Mom of one, with baby number two on the way, Lenka Kirchova talks to us about her thriving family portrait and baby photography business. She shares her tips for getting the balance right between work and family life.
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Angela Mahon
When Visual Communication Designer, Angela Mahon, became a mum she realised that there was a gap in the market for genuinely touching and funny baby gifts. Along with lots of help and hard graft she recently launched Truzees. Read More

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