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CaldeBaby Teething Gel

Don't be afraid of those little teeth! Your baby's first tooth is an exciting milestone to reach, but can also be difficult to deal with - for you both! The first tooth coming through can be painful. Your baby will be uncomfortable and will drool for a couple of weeks while the tooth appears. This will be a tough time for the two of you, and you will need to comfort him as he tries to cope with the pain.

CaldeBaby Teething Gel can help to sooth your baby's gums. Best of all, it's sugar free and has a pleasant honey flavour.

Cutting their first few teeth often means a disturbed time for babies. Teething rarely causes real problems, but irritated gums can affect your baby significantly. Baby may be more restless, crotchety, cry more and sleep poorly. In addition, you may observe a loss of appetite.

The first teeth emerge, but without disturbance. CaldeBaby Teething Gel allows you to help your child: gently massage your baby's gums 2 to 3 times a day with the teething gel bought in your pharmacy. The best times are after meals and before sleeping. CaldeBaby Teething Gel cools and soothes irritated gums and provides gentle care of the baby's mouth. In addition, it is sugar-free and has a pleasant honey flavour.

To apply, gently massage a pea-sized dab of gel onto the gum using a clean finger or a cotton bud when needed. Always read the label and package leaflet before use.

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