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I am Natalie Collier, a childcare recruitment specialist. I am passionate about what I do and determined to find the best possible solution for each family I work with. I have over ten years’ experience working with children and families in several different childcare settings and have learned through this first-hand experience that no two families are alike when it comes to childcare needs.

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eumom childcare expert Natalie CollierWith so many conflicting ideas about childcare solutions in Ireland, I have come to know many parents who feel overwhelmed, misinformed, confused and often just don’t know where to begin. There is so much to think of when choosing childcare, such as budget, location, full- or part-time care, children’s ages, special needs care, parents’ peace of mind and, most importantly, the well-being of the children. This is exactly where I can help.

This year, I launched my new business, The National Childcare Agency, to provide practical advice on all childcare options available in Ireland and help families find the right solution – whether it be a nanny, childminder, au pair, Crèche or any other available alternatives. I firmly believe that when a family finds the best possible solution, they will have happy, healthy, secure and content children.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and working together with you to guide you in all of your childcare related queries and challenges.

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  1. Profile photo of NHT NHT

    Hi Natalie, I just looking for some guidance. I am the mother of two boys, a 4 year old and a 5 year old, my 4 year old will be starting playschool in September and my 5 year old is just finishing Junior infants. I work full time and have been very fortunate to have found a full time childminder when I returned to work after my youngest was born. At the time it was very clear we agreed a fixed hourly rate and that she didnt get paid when the boys werent with her. Her hourly rate has not changed since then although the oldest has attended playschool for one year (3 hours per day) and now junior infants. I have also had to take time off work to accommodate numerous weekly speech appointments she required for her daughter which is very understandable and never caused an issue. Today she basically requested to be paid a set weekly wage regardless of the boys being with her or not and very little reduction in September due to the fact that one will be at school and one will be at playschool for min 3 hours everyday. When we met, it was her terms that set the hourly rate and no payment on holidays and I felt since the boys seemed to be happy I wouldnt rock the boat by looking for any reduction even though one of the boys was full time school going.
    I have no other experience of childminding, my oldest attended a local creche for 9 months before number 2 came along and have been with this lady since. She has three other children of her own, two of which are school going.
    Sorry to be so long winded, but I am so blown away by this this evening, I feel very let down by her but probably need an independent view on the situation before I jumped to any harsh decisions. I currently pay her 6.50 per hour for both children and like I said, continued to pay this even though my oldest started school. I would really appreciate your view and guidance on this?

    Thank you so much,


  2. Profile photo of nataliecollier nataliecollier

    Hi Noreen,

    First thing I would suggest is you both need to sit down and discuss it. The terms have definitely changed since you have started with her. If the children are happy with her, I would try and resolve this before you both become unhappy and you are left trying to find a new minder.
    I think it is fair to suggest to her a reduction in September as both children will be attending school. You could offer her a standard weekly rate based on the hours the children are with her on an average week. She would receive this same amount every week including midterm breaks when the children are with her full days and this would most likely balance out the days that you have to take when she attends the speech appointments with her daughter.
    In general when it comes to time off and not being paid, most childminders take two weeks unpaid (for example their summer holidays) and the rest paid and sometimes some days over Christmas too. You could offer to revisit the weekly amount for next summer again if your children will be with her full time.
    I think this would be a good solution for her as she is guaranteed the same amount every week. I think under these circumstances it is fair to expect her to be a little bit flexible.
    I hope this is helpful, any other questions, I’d be happy to help.

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