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Baby’s Development – Week 20

Your baby’s personality is starting to form now. Your baby has come a long way and knows who you are now and even herself. She is starting to display some of her traits by babbling away or playing with things in a certain way.

Nutritional tips

A baby’s iron stores tend to be low when they reach six months of age and extra foods are needed to maintain healthy growth. Start to introduce solids when your baby is around six months while continuing breast milk or formula.

Finding a babysitter

If you have tried to go out with baby in tow before then you know that it can be very hard to have a romantic night on the town while you’re busy tending sticky hands and picking cheerios from your new black dress. When it comes to romance or just going out for a night out with the girls, babysitters are a vital part of life outside the playpen.

Encouraging baby development

Virtually all new parents are curious about encouraging baby development. Early in a child’s life, many things are happening at the same time. Your child is learning at an amazing rate and absorbing information about the world. We review some of the most important things you can do in encouraging baby development.

Baby sleeping routines

Following a well established bedtime routine which might include a bath or a bedtime story, may help settle your baby to sleep. It‘s a good idea to establish your own routine and then stick to it.

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