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Does Your Baby Have a Birthmark?

A variety of birthmarks may rarely occur, but most disappear after a time. Your doctor will be able to tell you what type of birthmark your baby has.
There are a variety of different birthmarks which may appear on your baby’s skin, however most disappear after a time. Your doctor will be able to tell you which type of birthmark your baby has, and whether or not it is permanent.

Mongolian spots

These are bluish marks that look a bit like bruises. They usually appear on the buttocks, and are more common in babies of Asian, Afrian, Mediterranean origins with dark complexions. The spots are an accumulation of pigment that fades as the skin tone darkens.

Port wine stains

These are permanent purplish-red flat birthmarks. It might be possible to have laser treatment to remove the mark when your child is older.

Strawberry naevus

Strawberry marks start as tiny red dots and can grow during your baby’s first year of life. They usually appear at around three weeks, and may be preceded by pale areas in the skin. However, they usually disappear by the age of five.

Stork bites and salmon patch

A lot of babies have pink patches on the nose, eyelids and the nape of the neck. They usually disappear within a year, although the ones on the neck will take the longest to go.
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