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4 Ways To Treat Nappy Rash

Unfortunately, all babies are likely to get a sore, red bottom – known as nappy rash – at some stage. Some babies will suffer with this more than others, while some will only get it at times of stress like when they're teething.

How do I treat nappy rash?

  1. The best way to treat an ordinary nappy rash is to let it get some air. It’s a good idea to leave your baby’s nappy off for a few minutes several times a day. Pop a towel or a changing mat under your little one, and they will love to have a kick in the fresh air.
  2. It also helps to change your baby’s nappy as often as possible, ideally as soon as it is wet or dirty in order to prevent baby's skin from prolonged contact with urine or faeces.
  3. Wash your baby's bottom gently after each change, using cooled boiled water and cotton wool. Equally important is to dry carefully after each wash. Use a soft towel (or more cotton wool) to gently pat dry, rather than rubbing.
  4. Once cleaned, it’s a good idea to protect baby's bottom with a thick barrier cream, such as Sudocrem, at each nappy change to keep the skin from becoming irritated again.
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