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Health and Safety For Your Baby

Whether you're a first-time parent or you've just welcomed yet another bundle of joy, the health and safety of your baby is always
The health and safety of your baby is always a top concern. It’s easy to become confused and even frightened when you hear stories on the news about crib recalls, and especially when you’re faced with the dizzying number of products on the market. Which is safest? Which is best? How can you possibly choose the right one?

While there’s no easy answer, in this article we’ll give you some good guidelines for making smart decisions.


Feeding Safely

Your baby’s health and safety is impacted a great deal by what he eats. Naturally, you want to feed him as well as possible. Doctors still agree that if possible, breast-feeding is the best way to give your child all the nutrition he needs to get off to a healthy start.

If this isn’t an option for you, ask your doctor for recommendations regarding the best formula. Be sure to check expiration dates carefully, and wash and sterilize all bottles, nipples and other feeding accessories.

When it comes time for solid foods, you’re faced with a tough choice. Most of us grew up on baby food from a jar. However, with the huge natural foods movement going on today, more parents than ever before are looking into homemade, natural baby food. Is this right for you?

Time is a big consideration. Many parents feel they don’t’ have the time to make their own baby food. However, research the new products on the market before you make that decision. There are some wonderful blenders, sized just right for baby, which make natural feeding a snap. You simply wash up fresh food, blend it up and presto – fresh, natural baby food! It takes only seconds, and you’ll feel great knowing exactly what you’re feeding your child.

If you’re truly pressed for time, be sure to research brands and choose a baby food which meets your high standards of quality. Stay away from anything with artificial ingredients. Feed your child a wide variety of foods to help him develop a taste for new things.


Toy Safety

One of the easiest ways to avoid worrying about an unsafe toy is to purchase toys which have been on the market for years. Many toys have been around for years simply because babies love them, and so do parents! Check over every toy before you give it to your child, to make sure there are no potential hazards. 

If you buy a brand-new toy on the market, consider checking recall websites occasionally to ensure that the toy hasn’t been recalled for safety reasons.

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