5 weeks pregnant


At the end of week 5, your baby’s heart begins to beat regularly and pumps fluid into the tiny blood vessels that have formed. A string of these blood vessels connects your baby to you, and will become the umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord is your baby’s lifeline, carrying oxygen and food via the placenta and carrying waste from the baby to be eliminated.

By now, you’ll have missed a period. Perhaps you suspect that you’re pregnant, or may even be experiencing some odd symptoms. Perhaps you’ve begun to feel a little tired, or nauseous, or your breasts are sore. If you are pregnant, this will now show on a home pregnancy test, although you’ll need to test again in a few days’ time to know for sure. You can visit your GP at this stage, although there may not yet be much to discuss.

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When you’re pregnant, certain vitamins and minerals become particularly important: calcium and vitamin D, folic acid, iron and vitamin C (vitamin C helps you to absorb iron) and Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Read up on helpful advice for healthy eating in pregnancy.

‘To do’ this week

Visit your doctor and schedule a hospital appointment. To prepare, make a note of the first day of your last period (so she can determine your due date) and start making a list of any questions you may have.

You can also head on over to our due date calculator to work it out for yourself!

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18 Responses to “5 weeks pregnant”

  1. Profile photo of orlamac orlamac

    After 4 long years & every test going just found out that we’re expecting, if going on my last period then 5 weeks now and feeling exhausted. Has anyone else noticed a big change to their waistline already, my trousers already feeling very tight?

  2. Profile photo of babydo babydo

    I’m exhausted! I’m struggling to stay awake past 9 o clock where as I normally dont go to bed until 11.30+ – cant believe how tired I am this early on… 5w1d :-)

  3. Profile photo of Alowry Alowry

    Feeling really tired, and heart burn?? hoping it’s the pregnancy, have had 2 previous ectopics and this is an ivf baby. But have OHSS and back to hospital thur, won’t believe it till I see it on a scan. Fingers crossed.

  4. Profile photo of BBMOG BBMOG

    TTC for 2 years and we have finally suceeded! We are absolutely over the moon! Have zero symptoms and feel great :-) Not tired at all! maybe it will all hit me in a week or two or maybe I will be lucky and be symptom free :-)

  5. Profile photo of closmam closmam

    Feeling nauseous, tired and sore boobs. Sense of smell v strong too. Did test yesterday and it was positive not due period for 3 more days. Im over 40 second pregnancy dd is 23 mo. Finding it hard to sleep. Had a very difficult birth and labour last time and dd has health probs sooo nervous but happy. Pray it all goes well we are due to do genetic testing in feb but suppose no point now :unsure:

  6. Profile photo of rhysxx rhysxx

    im getting very little sleep but feel full of energy for half the day the end is very tiring. boobs are sore on and off and still getting cramps on and off.

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